Monday, September 9, 2013

Digital Project Life: Week 35

Hello again!

Sorry for my absence last week!  Up until this post I have typically been posting my Project Life spreads the Monday or Tuesday after the week I am documenting ends - giving me only 1-2 days to get my pages complete and blogged.  I've decided to delay my postings by one week, to give myself a bit more breathing room to get everything done. 

The reason I had been giving myself such a small window of time previously was because I find if I don't get my pages done within a day or two of the week ending, my weeks start to run together in my head - even though I do a pretty good job of documenting to help keep myself straight.  I also like having my pages ready for The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday, so that pushed me to finish my pages quickly as well.

Things have been getting a bit busier around here lately though, and I have found it a real time crunch to get my pages completed and blogged in 2 days.  Especially with summer, and weekend trips, etc.  I decided to push posting my pages back a week.  I am still going to aim to actually complete them within a day or two of the week ending, just because that is what works best for me, so the week is still fresh in my mind.  But it will be nice to give myself some breathing room for coming up with a blog post!

So, onto my pages for Week 35!

Whole spread:

Left Side:

Right Side:

What Happened This Week: It was a pretty busy week - we had some appointments and errands to run throughout the week, and those seemed to eat up our days before we knew it.  My son had to start wearing an eye patch for a few hours a day, as well as a splint on his arm for short periods of time throughout the day.  I thought it was going to be a total disaster, but he has actually been super cooperative!  He is such an easy going little guy :)

We also got to visit with some out-of-town family for dinner one night, and had a pretty relaxing Labour Day weekend around here (for once!)  I made a trip to Chapters to get some sweet new notebooks... I am a total office supply/stationary junkie.  That may have been the highlight of my week.... haha!

Techniques Used: Once again, I used my squared edge template that I created, and like how my pages turned out a lot more than I did last week!  I also made my own journaling cards, since I went with a non-Project Life kit again this week, and just used a digital paper pack, which did not have any journaling cards in it.  They are basically just made out of the patterned papers from the kit, and white squares - pretty simple.  I also used some ghosted journaling boxes, and my usual techniques of brushes and journaling on photos.  The Instagram photo template with the rainy weather on the right side is a Cathy Zielske freebie :)

Overall Thoughts: Like I mentioned above, I really like the squared corner page template I used this week.  I'm not sure why I didn't like it last week.... maybe it was just the digital paper pack, or how I used my papers last week that I didn't like??  Who knows!  But I think I will give the squared edge template a few more weeks, and see what I think.  I also love the colours in my kit this week.  It has been fun using supplies other than my official Project Life kits.  I think I was getting into a bit of a rut with them...  I really don't know how people can use one kit through the whole year!  I give them major props!

Thanks for looking!  I will also be linking these pages up to The Mom Creative this week for Project Life Tuesday.  

Supplies Used:


  1. I totally agree that using the same kit every week would be the pits. I also share your love of school/office supplies. =) Another great week, Nicole!!

  2. Your layout looks great. Adorable pics too!


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