Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Digital Project Life: Week 31

We are just back from another fun, few days up at the lake!  My husband's parents rented a cabin for a week.  Unfortunately, we both have to work a few days this week, but after that we will be heading back up to the lake for another couple days!  I am loving summer more than usual, since I am only working part time, and have so much more time to enjoy it!

Here are my pages for Week 31 :)

Whole Spread:

Left Side:

Right Side:

What Happened This WeekThe first half of the week was fairly uneventful, and just normal everyday stuff.  On the weekend we were out at the lake, staying in a cabin with my husband's family for a few days.  So Friday/Saturday were spent just preparing for that.  I made some Mickey/Minnie Mouse cookies, that ended up taking waaay more time than I had originally intended!  Oh well, they turned out, and it was fun.  Then, it was relaxation time at the cabin!  The weather hasn't been the greatest, but that is kind of par for the course this summer it seems.  I don't mind gloomy weather though, so it suited me fine :)

Techniques Used:  Lots of brushes on photos.  I also used the Text on a Path function on the picture with the bowl of cherries. Fun!  I want to start learning Photoshop Elements a little better in the next while.  I have just taught myself the very basics, and want to be able to use it to its full abilities.

Overall Thoughts: For some reason I have been struggling to come up with journaling the last few weeks... which is weird for me.  I usually have a tendency to over explain things! Haha!  I think that is part of it is I have realized I don't need to explain every single thing on these pages... Sometimes the pictures explain things well enough, and I can get a bit redundant. But I also want to be sure I am capturing things with words, that I may not be able to capture though photos.  I think I am going to look back over some of my older pages and see what I was writing so much about before, and see if I am dropping the ball on something.  Extreme detail or not, I am so glad to have these pages documenting our life.  I was showing them to my sister-in-law at the cabin, and she was amazed at what I have so far, and what a great keepsake it is.  And it made me that much more grateful for all of the time I have been putting into keeping this up to date, and sticking with it - not that it has been that hard... I am, shockingly, still loving this project!

Thanks for looking!  I am linking these pages up to The Mom Creative this week for Project Life Tuesday.  

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  1. Lovely pages, Nicole! I love the photo of the baby and the dog. So sweet! And I love all your brushwork. Text on a path . . . I've considered shooting myself over that one. I need to be brave and try it again someday.

    1. Thanks, Donna! Yes, playing around to get the text to line up around that bowl was not as easy as it should be, but I love how it looks :) I am going to try to use it more often :)

  2. Love your pages! Beautiful baby! Do you send your pictures out or print them at home? If you send them out do have any trouble getting them to line up? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I am planning on getting my pages printed in a photo book, most likely through blurb.com. I've printed a smaller picture book through them, and liked the quality. I am a bit nervous about putting these in a photo book, and getting everything all set up with the bleed margins, etc. I hope it will all turn out!


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